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2018 P&C Constitution
Join our P&C.  New members are very welcome.  Come and join in the conversation or simply learn more about how our school is run.  Fill in this membership form and come along to a meeting (2nd Tuesday of every month during school term).
2018 New Membership Form


Our P&C is a forum for communication between parents and members of the teaching staff and local community. It also allows parents an opportunity to meet and share information with each other and to become involved in a wide variety of activities aimed at providing a better environment for our children.
President: Matthew Butcher
Vice President:  Natasha Devos
Treasurer:  Emma Zhang
Secretary:  Sally Herrett
Our roles are to ensure a strong connection and flow of information between the school body and parents, and to make sure that the association functions in alignment with our constitution.
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Chris Walden
Melanie Venz
David Fearn


Sally Bryant
​Shaan Mitchell (employed convenor)
Ana Morschbacher
(employed back up convenor)


Michelle Seymour
Michelle Cany
Amber O'Neill
Leah Woodward
Dean Newberry


Shilp Jose
Octavia Vaughan


Matt Butcher (convenor)
Natasha Devos
Dean Newberry
Belinda Fox
Carl Robertson
Lara Guinta
Cal Winckel



We love  hearing from our community.  Fill in the form below to send a message to all of the P&C Exec members and we will get back to you soon.

Email Matthew, P&C President:

Chapel Hill State School P&C
20 Ironbark Road
Chapel Hill   Qld   4069


Class List Privacy

Class Parent Representatives

Class List

Welcome! At Chapel Hill State School we create class contact lists to ensure easy and effective communication between the school and families and to better facilitate parent communication.

For privacy reasons, the school administration is unable to share contact details of other families with parents so we ask all parents join these class lists.

This form also asks for nominations for a Class Parent Representative. The Class Rep(s) facilitate communication between the teacher, the P&C and fellow parents as well as organising social activities for the class group. There is further info on the role (Insert link?)

The form also asks for interest in being a part of the P&C committee and sub groups. These groups are an integral part of the success of the school and we encourage you to tick one of these boxes to find out more. You don’t need to feel like you are committing yourself just yet.

*As you will see you can opt into a public setting, where parents can contact eachother, or a more private setting, where the Class Rep will only contact you with essential information and your details will not be shared with others.

Each Class List will be maintained by the Class Parent Representative.  There will be two separate class lists - one to be shared with the class so parents can email one another and a private list that only the Class Parent Rep can send to. 

All group messages are to be sent privately via BCC to protect privacy.

Parents are able to opt in to the "Whole of School Communications List".  The P&C will communicate with parents via the "Whole of School Communications List" and only send necessary communications - usually for upcoming events and to share information about school improvements.

Class Lists and the Whole of School Communications List are not to be used for any other purpose other than parent, teacher and P&C communication. Specifically, marketing of goods for private businesses is not permitted.

Information collected will not be shared with any other parties other than the Class Parent Representative, the P&C Communciations officer and the Class teacher.

The role of Class Rep is to promote parent involvement in our school community and facilitate communication.  As a Class Rep you are a valued member of our school community and your time and commitment are very much appreciated.  Some classes may endeavour to have two Class Reps to share the work load. 

This role is a wonderful way to support your child’s learning, their teacher, their school, and their P&C.  It’s a valuable opportunity to get to know the other families in your child's year by organising social occasions and coordinating communication with class parents about class activities, school events and information from the P&C.   (Attending P&C meetings is not essential however you would be very welcome if you wish to).  Please download the handbook for more detail.

Class Parent Rep Handbook

Download Class List Form


Grants Coordinator:  Jeroen Devos, Binny De Saram

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) Liaison:  Carmen Spry

Band & Choir Uniform Liaison:  Dean Newberry

Class Rep Facilitator:  Carene Hogg

Bookkeeper:  Molly Cheng

School Banking Officers:  Gina Carstens, Melanie Vance, Stephanie James

Digital Communications: 

  • Facebook:  Octavia Vaughan
  • Website:  Gina Carstens
  • Whole of School Communications List:  Carene Hogg

Flexischools Convenor:  Sally Bryant