As our first major fundraising event for the year, we’re holding a Colour-Run on Cross Country day, Friday, 29 March at 2:00pm to raise money to further support the Nature Play initiatives.  Last year's Colour Run was so much fun for the students (and the parents) who attended, we're so looking forward to giving the kids another awesome afternoon of Colour!

The Cross Country will be run throughout the day and the Colour Run will commence at 2pm.  Keep an eye on the school newsletter for the full schedule for the day.

How Does My Child Fundraise?
Students will receive a Sponsorship Form with instructions on how to raise money and order prizes. Students can obtain donations in cash using the Sponsorship Form together with online fundraising.

Students who raise as little as $10 or more will receive an incentive prize for their efforts. But why not aim higher? You have the option to choose up to five (5) prizes and this will set your fundraising goal. Family and friends are your greatest supporters, so ask them first for your support. You will reach your fundraising goal in no time.

Student Profile Page
All students must create a Student Profile Page at www.myprofilepage.com.au which is unique to you and will allow you to order prizes. There are also some great features like recording your sponsorships and selecting your prize goal.

You can also register for online fundraising. It’s the easiest way to help your child raise money and to reach your fundraising goal sooner.

WIN A SHARE OF $200,000 WORTH OF FREE SPONSORSHIP DONATIONS. Create a Student Profile Page at www.myprofilepage.com.au and enter your unique code found on page five (5) of your Sponsorship Form to see if you’re an instant winner. Give your fundraising goal a kick start!

Colour Powder
The colour powder used in our event has been sourced direct from India, the home of Holi Powder. It is made of high quality corn starch and permitted food colours. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, skin safe and environmentally friendly. Toxicological Risk Assessment and ingredient listings can be downloaded here. Students with asthma are advised to be careful in their decision to participate.

How to Order Prizes?
To reward your child for their efforts, they will receive incentive prizes based on the total amount of sponsorship dollars raised in cash, online, and if applicable, any FREE SPONSORSHIP DONATIONS won using the unique code on page five (5) of the Sponsorship Form.
Login or create a Student Profile Page at www.myprofilepage.com.au. Once the fundraiser has finished, click the ‘ORDER MY PRIZE’ button and then confirm your total amount raised and order your prize/s, OR
For ease of administrative work for coordinators, please do not use the paper prize order form.

Please note, all donations and prize orders need to be finalised on or before Thursday, 4 April due to the Easter School holidays. Student prizes will be delivered in Term 2.  Please be patient as it will take time for coordinators to collate and check data in order to place orders.  When handing in cash donations, please double check your count matches your form - no one likes to hear they've made a mistake.  Online donations are the best because there's no room for error.

Thank you in advance for your participation, and get ready for a BLAST OF COLOUR! Happy fundraising!   

Keep an eye on the P&C Facebook page to stay up to date.

Thanks for supporting the school and we hope to see you at the event.

Octavia Vaughan & Matt Butcher  chsspandc.communications@gmail.com
Colour Powder MSDS



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  2. Term 2 May
    Cocktail Evening
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  3. Term 3 September
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    Fathers Day Stall
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  5. Term 1 March
    Colour Run
    Our first Colour Run was a huge success. Students had a ball raising funds for the school in a healthy way. The 2019 Colour Run will be held in conjunction with the school Cross Country in Term 1.
  6. Various
    Sausage Sizzles
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  7. Term 4
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