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P&C News emails are issued when the P&C needs to communicate with all families at the school.
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20 August 2018

Edition 9
Festival on the Hill - 2.5 weeks to go - Sign up! Sign up!
14 August 2018

Edition 8
Festival on the Hill - 3.5 weeks to go - Volunteer Rosters are here
8 August 2018

Edition 7
Festival on the Hill and Fathers Day Stall
16 July 2018

Edition 6
Nature Play Project update, Colour Run prizes, Festival on the Hill update, Art Show
25 June 2018

Edition 5
Colour Run sponsorship, Festival on the Hill update, Trash & Treasure donations
15 June 2018

Edition 4
Colour Run, Festival, Trash & Treasure open, Jars, Friendship Garden
22 May 2018

Edition 3
Games Night this Saturday!
9 May 2018
Edition 2
Mothers Day Stall, Friendship Garden Working Bee, Games Night, School Council, Tuckshop, Uniform Shop, School Banking, Festival Planning
23 April 2018
1st Edition
Welcome, Mothers Day Stall, Games Night, Friendship Garden Working Bee, Events, Tuckshop, Uniform Shop, School Banking, Festival Planning



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